Beauty for hair from New Zealand with the purest of intentions

Respect for integrity, purity, simplicity, each other.

Respect for less is more – incorporating what is natural to the human condition.

Respect for the inheritance from the ancestors who understood the ethical use of nature in beauty care.

Respect for sustainable resources and ethical science

Respect for life, magnificent dreams, simple truths, each day as a celebration


Eithne Curran was a child of the 80’s, a historic time for hair when it was the key fashion statement and the hair stylists were rock stars.

Developing an Eithne Curran ethical hair and beauty range has been a vital part of her lifetime work and legacy

A strong influence is also her ethnic mix of Irish and Polynesian, cultures where beautiful hair is significant - whether it be the flaming red of the Celts or the dark riches of the South Pacific.

These influences and experiences have created for Eithne a lush creative life with further inspiration from her three beautiful daughters.

Another  milestone was when she met the scientist Sir Ray Avery an extraordinary New Zealander and a man whose life has been dedicated to ethical science and philanthropy and understood the strong ethical base she was searching for.

He established the charity Medicine Mondiale to create ethical and affordable lifesaving health products

His brilliance as a scientist is matched by his skill as an Inventor and the ability to solve problems innovatively.

Together Eithne and Ray have developed, researched and perfected Eithne Curran products

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  • Eithne Curran Hair Collection
    Black Collection 2015/2016
  • Start your day feeling good about everything.
    Like plants, our hair needs nurturing and restoring weekly.
  • Love your locks.
    Glorious hair – made voluminous and glossy with Eithne Curran shampoo.
  • Eithne Curran is skincare for your hair.
    Like a glistening lake our hair needs to flow and shine.
  • Detox your hair with Eithne Curran shampoo and Conditioner.
    Use the Restore treatment weekly.
  • ECC Collection is for your hair, his hair, her hair, the young ones hair.
    Eithne Curran is obsessed with glorious hair for everybody.

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